MSc in Innovation Management

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Leadership creativity & innovation in business

Are you an experienced professional looking to advance your leadership creativity and your innovation management competencies? Would you like to accelerate your career as a leader in a global business environment? 

Innovation management is a quickly emerging field with a growing demand – especially now that experts have linked innovation to resiliency. In this programme, you’ll study with top faculty members from triple-accredited Audencia Business School and gain insights from the brightest innovators around the world. The Master of Science in Innovation Management gives you training in how to:

  • Think strategically about organisations
  • Overcome resistance to new ideas
  • Generate creativity
  • Implement innovations

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Key information

DEGREE EARNEDMaster of Science (MSc) in Innovation Management
LANGUAGEEnglish and Chinese
  • 4-year bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Minimum of 3 years of professional experience
DURATION18 months, part-time
LOCATIONProgramme is based in Nantes, France, with some study in Shenzhen, China, as well; courses will be held on-site, with small class sizes and safety measures for COVID-19


Prepare for an advanced and creative business career in any sector of international management. Your programme is built on exciting new research and practice in innovation and responsible management. Each module is designed specifically for this programme and mirrors your future professional life in innovation for business, with a focus on:

  • Generation of cutting-edge ideas
  • Innovation and creativity management
  • Intercultural marketing and strategy 

Because Audencia is amongst the best-ranked and most corporately connected business schools in Europe, the quality of your education is high. Achieved by only 1% of business schools, Audencia holds triple accreditation from all top international academic accreditation bodies – EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. 

Join us in Nantes, recognised by countless organisations and publications as one of the best places to live in France. 

During this module, you’ll gain a solid understanding of the foundational principles of international management and develop relevant skills in problem solving and innovation.

Courses include: 

  • Personal and Managerial Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Finance
  • Intercultural Management
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship through Sand Table Simulation

At this point in the programme, you will develop the ability to identify and (re)design innovation processes for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Courses include:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Change Management
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management
  • Entrepreneurial Business Plan
  • Business Ethics
  • Operations and Supply Chain Innovation
  • Company Visit 1

Your final course-based module, module three will prepare you with key analytical approaches to use in strategic management decision making. Courses include:

  • International Marketing  
  • International Strategy
  • Strategies in Emerging Markets
  • International Business
  • International Negotiation through Business Simulations
  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Company Visit 2

Academic and practical
During this final module, you’ll be able to dedicate your time to writing your master’s dissertation. This written work is both academic and practical, allowing you to showcase what you have learned and how you plan to apply it. You may elect to write your dissertation in collaboration with a company or take a research-based focus.

Personal guidance
You’ll be matched with a supervisor who will provide personal guidance throughout the life of your project.

Independent learning
You will have tutorials with your supervisor, but the bulk of your work will be self-managed. Your project is a substantial piece of individual work that requires extensive initiative and independent learning.

Oral defense
At the end of this period, you’ll give an oral presentation and “defend” your dissertation (answer questions about your ideas and findings) for a jury made up of Audencia faculty.

Audencia & Shenzhen

Our reputation, quality and network provide you with training from the best in both industry and academia. The knowledge, experience and vast network you’ll gain will prepare you to lead in innovation management.  

Audencia is amongst the elite 1% of business schools worldwide to hold triple accreditation from EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. A world leader in corporate social responsibility, we were the first French business school to adhere to the UN’s Global Compact and sign the Principles of Responsible Management Education, which we also helped define. We bridge the gap between passion and business, pairing creativity with meaningful and effective action. 

Through our network, you’ll work with faculty members who have extensive industry experience, researchers who specialise in a diverse range of fields and corporate partners in need of real solutions. We’re constantly developing innovative collaborations that expand our network, such as our alliance with other leading institutions in Nantes that unite and enrich engineering, management, architecture and creativity. 

A well-connected modern city with old-world flair, Nantes, France, is recognised by the EU for quality of life. The entire Loire Valley region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Learn more about life at Audencia.



Shenzhen is a hub of finance and industry. Shenzhen’s GDP has grown (on average) 20.7 percent each year over the past 40 years. While its GDP per capita started at less than $1,000, it has now reached $30,000 dollars.

One of the first schools to be established jointly in China by a French business school and a Chinese university, Shenzhen Audencia Financial Technology Institute (SAFTI) brings together leading minds in international business and management. It is run collaboratively by Audencia Business School of France and Shenzhen University of China, two highly ranked institutions with a history of global engagement.  

Enjoy life where the Pearl River meets the South China Sea. Shenzhen is energetic and metropolitan, with a highly international population of 12 million. One of the most innovative cities in China, Shenzhen has all the perks and amenities of a megacity while also offering a vast range of wildlife reserves, botanical gardens and public parks. It is one of China’s top tourist destinations as well as an international centre of finance, technology and logistics. Learn more about life at SAFTI.




Faculty members at Audencia are incredibly diverse, with 50% of professors representing 27 countries outside of France. Many have backgrounds in industry; their work is published in internationally recognised academic journals and business publications and they regularly act as consultants to a wide range of business entities, including start-ups, non-profits, NGOs, SMEs and multinational corporations.

All faculty members work within the frame of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and innovation, advancing responsible best practices for the business world. Areas of expertise are many and typically fall into one or more of the following centres of excellence and research departments:

Centres of excellence

  • Sustainable Business and Development Models
  • Responsible Information and Technologies
  • Inclusive Organisations and Society

Research departments

  • Finance
  • Business and Society
  • Communication and Culture
  • Management
  • Marketing

Meet Audencia faculty members

corporate partners
Employed students hired within 2 months of graduation
Internships and job offers per year

Career & Alumni

The Master of Science in Innovation Management gives you the training and experience you need to move into a more strategic and innovative role within an executive global setting. Depending on the direction of your thesis and professional experience, this programme prepares you to climb within your current company, accept a management position at another company or start your own company as an entrepreneur. 

Examples of positions this degree prepares you for include:

  • Product development manager
  • Purchasing and inventory manager
  • Strategy consultant
  • Business developer
  • Marketing manager
  • R&D manager
  • Key account manager
  • Business analyst
  • Alliance manager
  • Entrepreneur 

Through the Master of Science in Innovation Management you’ll strengthen your global network of peers and professionals. Audencia is highly international, boasting partnerships with 175+ corporate partners and 190+ global academic partners. At Audencia, 34% of students come from outside of France, representing 100+ countries.

During this programme, you’ll meet and work with professionals from a range of companies and organizations. A roster of guest speakers and industry partners will contribute to your learning and assessment activities. This offers you the chance to network with other industry professionals throughout your programme.

Audencia also has a business incubator available to programme graduates interested in pursuing entrepreneurial goals.

Audencia Alumni

Join the nearly 27,000 Audencia alumni working in 110 countries. Audencia Alumni includes 22 professional and cultural clubs in France and 29 international chapters. You’ll be in good company, as over 2,000 of our alumni have become CEOs.

The alumni association will help you connect with other professionals and executives and provide additional development and networking opportunities to support your goals.

Admissions & finance

Join us! Here is a breakdown of everything you’ll need to make it smoothly through the application process. Admissions are open until 10 April.

Apply now

Master of Science in Innovation Management

  • 4-year bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Minimum of 3 years of professional experience

Email us at to begin your application. Application deadline is 10 April.

You will be required to submit the following documents:

  • CV and cover letter
  • Copies of diplomas
  • Copy of identity document (e.g., passport)
  • Photo (jpeg, 346 x 366 pixels)
  • Online interview and written test (scheduled shortly after submitting the online application if you qualify)
  1. Submitting your application
    Complete the application by emailing us at by 10 April. Your application will be evaluated within seven days. If you qualify, step two will also occur within seven days of your application.

  2. Admission interview
    At a prearranged time, you will have a 15-20 minute exchange with an admissions counsellor to make sure that you are a good fit for the programme. You will also take a brief written test.

  3. Admission decision
    Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis. You should have a decision within a few days of your interview. If your application is borderline and requires further review by the programme director, you will have an admission decision within 18 days of your interview. Please do expect some delay during holidays.

  4. Acceptance
    Congratulations! If admitted, you’re invited to officially join the programme. You’ll sign a contract and pay the first instalment of the tuition fees (€1,500, non-refundable).

Please contact our admissions office with further questions.

Master of Science (MSc) in Innovation Management (2022-2023)

  • €24,000

Other costs linked to school fees

  • Application fee: €100
  • Costs such as visa fees, CVEC, supplementary health insurance, transportation, accommodation and meals are to be paid directly by the student.