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Shenzhen Audencia Business School

One of the first schools to be established jointly in China by a French business school and a Chinese university, Shenzhen Audencia Business School (SABS) brings together leading minds in international business and management. It is run collaboratively by Audencia Business School of France and Shenzhen University of China, two highly ranked institutions with a history of global engagement.  

SABS is a gathering place for select postgraduate students, accomplished professionals, experienced executives and internationally renowned professors, researchers and industry experts. 

Founding Institutions

Internationally recognised for the career results of graduates, Audencia Business School is amongst the 1% of business schools worldwide that hold all top international academic accreditations – EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. The school is known globally for education and research in the fields of business and management, with an emphasis on corporate social responsibility, innovation and finance.  

Audencia is one of France’s elite Grande Ecole higher education institutions, with campuses in Nantes, Paris and Beijing in addition to the Shenzhen Audencia Business School in Shenzhen.  

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Shenzhen Audencia Business School (SABS) is located on the Houhai campus of Shenzhen University (SZU) near the picturesque coastline of the Houhai Bay. SZU has a student population of roughly 35,000. It has 25 colleges and awards bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees across a full range of disciplines.

SZU has an impressive list of graduates, including the founders of Shenzhen-based Tencent, the fourth-largest internet company in the world, and the founder and CEO of Giant Interactive Group, one of China’s largest online gaming companies. The city of Shenzhen has maintained the fastest economic growth in China for roughly 20 years, with SZU actively contributing to this hub of high-tech innovation and international business.  

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Why Shenzhen Audencia Business School?

What Shenzhen Audencia Business School (SABS) offers is entirely new – a new level of business collaboration between Europe and China, a newly established campus and a new way of thinking about China’s incredible growth within its most innovative and economically successful city.  

SABS brings some of the most creative and accomplished people together from across all continents. Much like the city of Shenzhen – which was established as China’s first Special Economic Zone during the country’s reform and opening up – SABS is a playground for innovative business and management. It gathers the best in business and management in the high-tech hub of Shenzhen, a centre for finance, technology and logistics.  

All students also spend time in Nantes, France – a hub of green innovation and the country’s third largest industrial city – to round out the experience.  

Run jointly by Audencia Business School and Shenzhen University, SABS offers a welcoming international environment and acts as an incubator for further collaboration between China and countries across the globe.  

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Shenzhen Audencia Business School (SABS) currently offers the following advanced programmes and is actively growing its offerings each year. Check back regularly for updates.  

International Master in Management (in English, full-time)

MSc in Supply Chain and Purchasing Management (in English, full-time)

MBA (in Chinese, part-time)

DBA (in Chinese, part-time)

Faculty members

Shenzhen Audencia Business School (SABS) benefits from renowned full-time research and teaching faculty, visiting faculty members and industry experts from a wide range of top institutions and businesses round the world, such as Tsinghua University and Fudan University.

Included in this roster are a select team of Audencia faculty members who are on-site in Shenzhen, China, full-time.

SABS has ambitious faculty recruitment goals for the next three years.  

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Shenzhen Audencia Business School (SABS) is located on the Houhai campus of Shenzhen University (SZU) in the town centre of Shenzhen, near the coastline of the Houhai Bay. The beautiful Houhai campus is 1.34 square kilometres and includes rolling hills covered with lychee trees and flowers, two lakes, a forest and an abundance of green space and works of art. SABS offers modern classrooms and comfortable on-campus housing to international students and faculty members.

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Shenzhen Audencia Business School (SABS) helps form and enable innovators who hold responsible values. In collaboration with stakeholders, we produce and disseminate knowledge designed to transform teaching and inspire new business practices. 

A message from Shenzhen Audencia Business School leadership

“Shenzhen Audencia Business School (SABS), jointly established by Audencia Business School and Shenzhen University (SZU), is one of the first business schools in China brought about through collaboration between a Chinese university and a French business school. SABS is committed to enriching the fields of business and management through responsible leadership, with emphasis on finance, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

“SABS is a platform for the innovative research of Chinese, European and international experts. The school also offers advanced international programmes for executives, professionals and postgraduate students. SABS is a gathering place for leaders of business and management in the centre of Shenzhen, one of the world’s most important high-tech hubs and a global leader in financial services, foreign trade, shipping and creative and cultural industries. 

“SABS offers world-class faculty members and researchers access to all of the resources of Shenzhen – China’s first and most successful Special Economic Zone. SABS students have the opportunity to study with the leading authorities in their field in one of the most exciting environments for business and management in the world. 

“All members of the SABS community are supported by the knowledge and experience of Audencia, a triple-accredited and internationally renowned business school, and SZU, a large and respected university with the status that comes from being the only university based in this important international city.” 

Qingquan Li, President of Shenzhen University

A message from the dean

“The unique identity of Shenzhen Audencia Business School (SABS) is tied closely to the city of Shenzhen, in which SABS is based. It is a highly international, creative and enterprising place. 

“Our ambition is to have a global impact through developing and disseminating knowledge for managers, companies and society by producing high-quality research and graduating responsible and ethical leaders. We also aim to support the development of the city of Shenzhen and its region in the fields of finance, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

“Students and faculty members of SABS benefit from the long-standing experience and know-how of a triple-accredited French business school, and the knowledge base and vibrancy of SZU, which includes 25 colleges and 35,000 students. 

“We invite you to come live the SABS experience.” 

Christophe Germain, Dean of Audencia Business School


Shenzhen Audencia Business School (SABS) was founded through a joint venture between Audencia Business School and Shenzhen University (SZU) in 2016. It is one of the first partnerships of its kind, uniting a French business school and a Chinese university to form a new international school in China. As a member of the SABS community, you’ll benefit from the long-standing history and strong reputation of the founding institutions – as well as the forward-thinking culture of SABS.  

Audencia Business School’s history  

Established in Nantes, France, in 1900, Audencia – from the Latin audientia, meaning “listening”, and audacia, meaning “daring” – is part of a very select group of schools holding all three international accreditations for business and management education: EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA.  

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Shenzhen University’s history  

The city of Shenzhen was opened as China’s first Special Economic Zone in 1980, and SZU was founded shortly after, in 1983, with the accreditation of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. SZU has undergone rapid growth and expansion in the past three decades, just like the city of Shenzhen – China’s most successful Special Economic Zone.  

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Shenzhen Audencia Business School (SABS) is both established and managed in true collaboration between Audencia Business School and Shenzhen University (SZU). The Council of Shenzhen Audencia Business School is the decision-making and supervising body of SABS. Composed of four representatives from Audencia and four representatives from SZU, the Council of SABS provides a platform for data-driven and equitable decision-making.  

Shenzhen Audencia Business School Council Chair

Qingquan Li, President of Shenzhen University  

Dean of Shenzhen Audencia Business School

Christophe Germain, Dean of Shenzhen Audencia Business School and Dean of Audencia